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We are committed to minimizing the negative impact we have on the environment.
With our one-of-a-kind pieces and made-to-order commissions we have taken steps to make our products
more environmentally responsible.


    We use natural or recycled materials and only work with people who think like us.

    All the wood we use is either reclaimed wood from fallen trees or driftwood found by lakes or the sea.

    Antlers are shed every year, so animals are not harmed in any way.

    Bull horn/bone/ cowhide are by-products from domestic raised cattle. We do not use horns from endangered species.

    Seeds are harvested without harming the trees where they come from.

    We believe in using our materials as raw and rough as they are, preserving their natural beauty.

    We use natural oils for protection of our designs.

    The pieces we develop are not treated with additional chemicals.

    All our packaging is made from recycled materials and tins.

    Our products are custom made in our studio here in Toronto, Canada to ensure high quality and the least amount of material wasted.