Toronto Fashion Week: Fall 2009
A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Lucian Matis Fall 2009



While Lucian Matis’ Fall 2009 collection was officially titled “City Hunter”, we couldn’t help but think of Puck, Titania and the rest of the characters of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  Matis created a virtual forest for his fall runway show with a color palette of earth tones including coppery metallics, earthy greens and browns plus rich shades of grey and soft, inky purples.  The collection, from printed cocktail dresses in sheer and flowing fabrics, softened blazers and structured pencil skirts that managed to convey both volume and class,  was both romantic and ethereal with a whimsical aura.  

Adding to the forest theme were the animalistic accessories in everything from antlers worn like crowns on top of model’s messy, teased hair to horn necklaces, giant bone-like bangles and the largest cocktail rings we’ve ever seen.  If anyone can tell us who designed the jewelry, please let us know. We’re desperate to find out (and give them proper credit!).

As the last official show of Toronto Fashion Week, Matis’ collection was quite possibly the best of the week. His focus on both drama and luxury was an attempt to show that it is possible to still look beautiful even in a recession and if the standing ovation at the end of the collection was any indication, we’d say he succeeded.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Dandi Maestre designed the amazing jewelry for Lucian Matis’ Fall 2009 collection.  You can find more of her jewelry at


Photos: Fashion Television