January 09, 2008

Gorgeous Statement Jewelry Handmade by Dandi MaestreHandmade Chunky Red Necklace Jewelry Jewellery Fashion Accessories Dandi Maestre

"I see my jewelry as objects producing magical and special energy. I celebrate the latin spirit while keeping an urban chic quality that lets women express their own style," explains Dandi...whose dandy bib necklaces, massively chunky rings, and even "recycled religious objects" have fashionista-in-the-know written all over them. "Style should not be dictated by trends, it should be an integral part of everybody’s attitude and appearance. Style is all about individuality."
Inspired by nature in her work, the Colombian-born designer sources new materials on her travels, at the beach, and even in the forest. "I work a lot with natural beads because I believe in being eco friendly. Through a long process of cleaning, cutting, polishing, and buffing rich colors and tones can be discovered. No chemicals are used inRecycled Religious Objects Jewelry Jewellery Fashion Accessories Dandi Maestre my work."

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- Lesley Scott