Toronto Fashion Week - Final Thoughts

by Lisa Tant - Flare Magazine
March 21, 2009 12:41 PM

Carlie Wong visited the Studio 54 era with a collection centered around slinky metallics, jerseys, satin and a gold sequinned rose pattern. I noticed an outstanding black jersey cocktail dress with a sexy attached drape. I look forward to watching this Vancouver-based designer progress. She has talent so I'd love to see her be more adventurous in her silhouettes and fabrics.

'Mechanical Anatomy' is the name of Evan Biddell's collection. Not sure what that means but it's his best showing to date - the silhouettes are strong, details powerful (zippers and stitching) and the quality is light years ahead of last season. Biddell's black jersey dresses are equally as good as his corset dresses and acid-hued zippered jackets. He's proven tonight that he's more than a one hit wonder.

Same goes for Lucian Matis. I've found his previous collections to be too much of everything - over-the-top in a fussy way. Tonight was a wonderful evolution - his collection had an artistic forest inspiration with lovely earth-toned prints complemented by Dandi Maestre's horn and antler accessories. While his pieces were still rich in detail, they weren't over-adorned and silhouettes were relatively simple. He is definitely a star on the rise and presented one of the week's most self-assured collections. It was a fantastic finish to another solid Fashion Week.



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"Tonight was a wonderful evolution."