Life is just Dandi!

Written by Eva in Designers, News


If you are not familiar with the work of Dandi Maestre, allow me to educate you. This Colombian born, Toronto based jewellery designer is quickly taking over the  scene. Dandi has only been designing for two years and is already selling like mad at Holt Renfrew. She has been featured in magazines such as Flare, Lou Lou and Fashion. Her work has also graced the runways for Greta Constantine and Shan Swimwear.


So why is Dandi in a category of her own? Well, all of her pieces are made from natural materials, using the earth as her inspiration. From antlers, bull horn and bone, raw amber, reclaimed wood/driftwood and alligator, these pieces of art cannot be duplicated. Everything is one of a kind. And before you start with the animal cruelty, I will have you know that no animals are harmed during the process. Every bone, skin or seed that Dandi uses are from animals that have already died and their bones preserved and sold.



We went into Dandi’s studio/home/world to see how this artist creates some of the most original, incredible pieces. Check out Dandi Maestre’s segment on the new season of Inside Fashion in February.
But in the meantime, log onto
her website
to see the collection.