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August 2, 2007       -     Object Lesson

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Canadian designer Dandi Maestre creates a tangled necklace that's a ball to wear. By Micki Bloom

One would generally think to relegate strapping on ropes of black leather and shiny enamel balls to the privacy of one's own home, but keeping this beauty inside would be such a shame. A piece that gracefully dances the line between art and fashion, this necklace is all at once sculpture, plaything, and badass accessory. Perhaps not unlike pearls—if pearls decided to pierce their nose and wear Prada motorcycle boots.

Created by Toronto-based photographer and designer Dandi Maestre, the handmade Tangled Balls necklace exemplifies the pared-down-while-punched-up uniqueness of her singular, artful jewelry. No doubt inspired by her travels in North and South America, it reflects both a natural and urban sensibility, as easily integrated into the streets of Manhattan as it would be in the jungles of Colombia. And with an emphasis on the adaptable, you might be surprised at how easily it fits into your wardrobe, and turns even the most basic slim indigo jeans and tank top into a beautifully tough customer.

Tangled Ball necklace, $150, available at