fashion's first ladies

Amidst conformity, there is something to be said for fashion-forward women who've chosen to dress in a bizarre rather than decorative, and outstanding rather than functional manner. The few who champion a more adventurous and individual style are often the first to be criticized for it. Their seemingly odd fashion choices, however, frequently blossom into full blown fashion trends.

Each of the following women may be grouped into a rare category of individuals whose eccentric attire and personal style most often goes unaccredited and misunderstood. These four individuals unite in character through their admirable ability to create their own personal flare, managing to avoid the cookie-cutter trands of their time. These women were equally famed for their individual, eccentric styles as they were for their artistic talents, standing apart from their contemporaries and leaving behind a trail of inspiration for the fahion industry as we know it today.

For those who share their flare for the original, we've included fall collection pieces to mimic their eccentric style..

Dandi Maestre's antlers necklace and red coral and horn necklace are used in this articles.

Fall 2008





Dandi Maestre's Antlers necklace.

Dandi Maestre's red coral and horn necklace.