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Ring The Changes...

Posted by Elliott James Sainsbury.

The ring is an oft-forgotten item of jewellery; think of measly, tiny rings, embarrassing jewels and tacky costume jewellery. I believe that if you’re going to decorate your fingers it has to be big, it has to be bold and it has to be bordering on the ridiculous. Sovereigns, Perspex rings, toy gem rings from Christmas crackers… there is no level to which I won’t stoop.

How about ones made from massive lumps of wood, or slabs of natural stone? We’ve all seen chunky cocktail rings for sure, but the designer Dandi Maestre (what an ace name!) takes them to a soft extreme with
huge finger adornments that are like armour in themselves.

Each piece is handmade and whilst Dandi works with natural materials like shells and amber it’s the massive hardware rings I’m more interested in. Taking away from any clichéd connotations of natural jewellery
they’re edgy and tough and would look as good worn with a dinner jacket and silk dress as with one of Jean Pierre Braganza’s futuristic creations.

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