The Creators

Eight Canadian jewellers turned their passions into a profession, and now you can wear the fruits of their artistic labours.


Dandi Maestre

How did you become a jewellery designer?
I studied design and photography in New York City, and I had my studio for many years in Bogota, where I developed corporate IDs and websites. After moving to Toronto I decided to reinvent myself. I wanted to have more creative freedom, work with my hands and use organic materials.
What do you draw inspiration from?
I continue to explore organic shapes found in bone and driftwood, in shed antlers and amber, in coconuts and bull horns, in natural fibre and seeds, in rough emeralds and crocodile skins, in skulls and shells. I love their forms and their natural, raw beauty. I aim to elevate these organic elements, their natural colour and textures to a new level of sophistication. I see my pieces more like art.
What is a signature element of your designs?
All of the pieces are handmade out of organic materials found in shores, rivers, jungles and forests.
Where to Buy:
Holt Renfrew; Thieves Boutique, 1156 Queen St. W., 647-435-4880





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