Into the wild
I feel the time has come to find a new piece of statement jewellery and profess to have struck gold (well actually horn to be precise) upon finding
Dandi Maestre. It's back to nature as tribal influences for an urban culture are found in Maestre's inspired designs. The Toronto based designer builds larger than life baubles using pieces of natural ephemera such as shed antlers, driftwood, shells and seeds discovered all over the world from forests and upon shores.

Combining elements and experimenting with proportions and weight Maestre's structured pieces result in ornamental yet wearable jewellery. My favourite pieces are the Betty Rubble style raw horn cuffs and the antler/horn earrings where sections of shed antler have been cut to reveal organic marrow patterning against a fluid oval of horn. Each design individually reflects the constant energy and strength found in nature through a considered selection of components and how they work together to form bold silhouettes. Every item from the collection has a rare feel and looks like it has been discovered on a treasure hunt rather than made.
Never before has organic looked so stylish.

Posted by Suzy Phillips
January 2010