Dandi Maestre perfection of nature


Canadian designer Dandi Maestre (Dandi Maestre) loves to travel. Her favorite corners of the steel in Latin America and North Africa, where it is still alive an ancient tribal culture. Where people have not lost the magic touch with nature and wildlife. All that was seen, experienced and prochuvstovano during numerous trips around the world, Dundee, embodies in its ornaments and accessories.

Bracelets, earrings, necklaces, handbags - all made from such naturnalnyh materials such as coconut, coral, amber, leather, wood, bone, and natural fibers. Basic colors - sand, the color of bark and stone. As a designer herself says: "Nature inspires me and I continue to explore the rich possibilities of organic forms. Each ornament is my hand-made from materials found in the jungles, forests, rivers, caves.

These beautiful, harmonious works of art created by nature and by human hands, can be found in Toronto stores Ziliotto Designs and Thieves Boutique, as well as Karan's Urban Zen Store in New York.

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