Wearing Bones, Antlers & Horns - Eye-Popping Ethnic Eco Accessories by Dandi Maestre (GALLERY)
Eye-Popping Ethnic Eco Accessories by Dandi Maestre

Dandi Maestre’s bold, colorful, intense, and unique ethnocentric necklaces, rings, bracelets, belts, purses and found objects are seductive to behold and grab the eye when worn. Maestre’s use of shed antlers, horn, reclaimed wood, raw amber, and other recycled materials is genius.

Spend some time browsing Dandi Maestre’s treasure trove of unique pieces or ask for a bit of time in her design studio, and you literally feel transported to another place and time. Dandi Maestre’s use of rich colors in every piece make the need to covet one even stronger!

For those who want unique jewelry that will make a statement—and will never be found in the local mall—Dandi Maestre’s accessories are definitely ones to check out.

I believe women should express their own style (always be honest with what we do and what we believe). Style should not be dictated by trends, it should be an integral part of everybody’s attitude and appearance. Style is all about individuality. (dandimaestre)