MARCH 25, 2009
by Margaret Toomen


I am feeling more than a little weighed down with requests and inquiries about the crochet covered stones and although I am so very happy that they are loved by so many I am feeling that after the next shop update I may take a little break from making them to focus on some new creative projects. I really need to feel light and free again to go where my inspiration leads me . 

Okay , that said I want to show you the wonderful antler inspired jewelry of Dandi Maestre and the fashion of Lucian Matis. I remembered this designer from his days on Project Runway Canada. I love this show especially when the designers have a day or two to make an outfit out of something like plants and flowers or the last episode where they had to design outfits for breast cancer survivors out of post it notes. 



I love the color, shapes and texture of antlers and the other materials Dandi works with. I really appreciate the materials description. "We believe in a return to craft and in being honest with what we do. My one of a kind oversized accessories are handmade in my studio in Toronto, Canada only from natural and recycled materials like big pieces of bull horn and bone, raw amber, natural Amazon seeds, shed antlers, reclaimed wood/driftwood and others, like not endangered shells, that stand out for its rarity and beauty. These materials come from all over the world." I have a small antler collection myself , all found by on hikes in the forest or canoe trips in Ontario.



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