by Sarah El-Hamzawi



An hour after Biddell’s hard-hitting show, Lucian Matis’ collection was ready to hit the stage. Following the theme of the night, Matis was also from last year’s season of Project Runway, and although he did not win, he came out as a favourite of the fans. Matis is known for his ultra feminine, willowy silhouettes, and his aesthetic is very Euro-inspired. For this particular collection, Matis took inspiration from the autumn season. Of all the designers, it was clear that Matis took the most pride in setting the perfect ambiance for show. The lights were dim, and there was a stunning natural backdrop, which made the audience feel as though they were in the middle of an enchanted forest. As soon as the first model came out, the whimsical feeling was amplified by the addition of a deer antler headpiece. 

With ethereal music, the stage took a fantastical form, showcasing some of the most beautiful designs all week. The pieces were light, feminine, and very earthy. Even the jackets and capes seemed to flow effortlessly on the runway. As for the accessories, they continued to draw inspiration from the Canadian outdoors, with chunky bracelets that resembled tree bark. From a backstage perspective, Matis was the most meticulous, observing every fine detail on each model. Although he is new to the design world, his passion for detail is sure to make him a mainstay in the Canadian fashion industry.




2009 DandiMaestre.com