in collaboration with [DANDI MAESTRE] jewelry -Montreal Fashion Week -
February 10th, 2011




Denis Gagnon will be presenting his fall/winter 2011-2012 collection during the twentieth edition of Montreal Fashion Week in collaboration with «Sensation Mode» and Dandi Maestre’s jewelry collection. This event will be held on February 10th, 2011 at 3PM in the classic runway room of the «Marché Bonsecours».

This collection promises to be dazzling in terms of colors...

Mixing, crossroads, fluidity, union, exchange, dialogue, alliances.... So many words to describe the main idea of the fall/winter 2011-2012 collection by Denis Gagnon. It is in the different styles that the simplicity originally valued by this label takes place. In a fusion of colors, textures and materials, the feminine silhouette, with its new profile, is enhanced by this exuberant sensuality found in the sculptural work of Denis Gagnon.

Denis Gagnon is proud to mention his next collaboration with Dandi Maestre’s jewelry collection. This Toronto artist is a jeweler that uses materials such as antlers, bull horn, rough amber and emeralds, reclaimed wood, natural seeds and nuts, and exotic leathers. These unique pieces have become the go-to accessories for women of individual taste and bold style. Dandi is inspired by native and tribal cultures worldwide. For more information about Dandi Maestre visit or by email at


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